Current Cases

The projects and cases below are all of the cases that are currently before either the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals. The links below will direct you to the page for each project.

Recently closed cases are at the bottom of the page. Any other cases not listed are available at the Planning Department.

All documents are available in the Community Development Office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM, and Wednesday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

To submit comments to either the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals about any of the following cases, or to ask any questions, email for the Planning Board, Josh Chase at for the ZBA.

Planning Board Cases

Dates are of the First hearing. Further information can be found on the individual project pages.

Zoning Board Cases

No current cases.
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Past Planning Board Cases

Past Zoning Board Cases

A little bit of information...

The Planning Board and ZBA welcomes receiving public input about projects - interested parties can provide written letters of comment which will become part of the official case file, call and/or stop into the office with questions, and/or attend a public meeting. The files are available for viewing in the Community Development Office.

Some projects link to It is a very useful platform, but comments on the coUrbanize pages are not official comments to the Boards. To make an official comment, please email, mail, or hand in comments to the Planning Department.

All projects reviewed and permitted will be moved to the bottom so you can look up past project information.

Each project reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals is given a Case Number. This number is to aid in the quick look up of projects. Here is what the parts of the number mean- Case Number XXY-ZZ : the XX notes what kind of application it is, Special Permit (SP), a Variance (VA), or an Appeal (AP); the Y stands for the project number; and the last two digits ZZ is the fiscal year. So, VA15-18 would be a Variance, the 15th application received that fiscal year, received in Fiscal Year 2018.

If you are looking for an older case that is not listed above, please stop by Town Hall or request Planning Board files by emailing, or ZBA files by emailing Josh Chase at