2015 Pavement Project

Tentative Schedule - Subject to Change
  • Central Street pavement upgrade is currently on hold based on public/resident comments
  • High Street, Howe Street, Tilton Avenue, and Concord Avenue have street segments that were recently reclaimed and paved
  • Curb installation on Oak street from Kings row to the Oak street apartments and Frankland Road to Route 135 is complete
  • Myrtle Street and Acton Road had a portion or all of the street repaired either through mill and overlay or just an overlay
  • Main Street from Water Street to Homer Avenue: Work was postponed due to various factors
  • Cedar Street (from Eliot Street to East Union): Has been Milled and Paved
Loam & Seed
  • Full Depth Reclaim Streets - High Street and Concord Street have loam and seed on disturbed areas next to the pavement on various properties.
Driveway Berms
Driveway berms are only for driveways affected due to new pavement height. Final repairs are scheduled for November 4.

Notification Letters
Questions & Comments
Please send any questions or comments by email to the Ashland DPW.